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Deep Dive

Stress & Health Challenges

A Deep Dive is especially useful for health challenges, stubborn behavioral problems, and for any animal who has experienced distress, abandonment, or other hardships.

In a Deep Dive session, I use a combination of Energy of Grace balancing modalities. 

These may include Shamanic energy, crystals, drumming, sound balancing, animal communication, or plant energetics. 

Together these can initiate profound changes to help energetically re-balance your pet's body, mind, and spirit.

Sessions generally run 2 hours. 

Please see How a Session Works for details.

Animal Communication

Listening & Learning

Sometimes your pet just needs to be heard.  


Maybe you are trying to understand a particular behavior.  Or you sense that your pet is trying to tell you something, but you can’t figure out what.  Maybe you’re wondering if your pet has a specific mission to accomplish during their time on earth.


An Animal Communication session can shed some light.  


These sessions are generally full of insight and wisdom.  Often the information revealed through this conversation with your pet can turn your relationship into something far more precious than you ever imagined.

Sessions generally run about 1 hour. 

Please see How a Session Works for details.

Preparing for Wings

& Death Rites

Death & Dying

The hardest part of having a pet is knowing that one day we will need the courage to send them onto their next adventure.


I feel deeply honored when I am asked to help prepare a pet for this end-of-life journey.  


During a Preparing for Wings session, your pet has an opportunity to release anything that may be weighing them down.  This process is designed to lighten the load, so that their spiritual journey over the Rainbow Bridge may be taken with ease and grace.


A Wings session can be done once the pet enters a state of comfort care.  Freeing them up to enjoy their last months/weeks/days with you is an extremely loving gesture.  


Pets are never shy about expressing their love for their parents.  This is especially true as they approach the end of their life on earth.  


Death Rites

Once a pet passes, I offer death rites intended to help your beloved animal make it safely to their next destination.

Sessions generally run 2 hours. 

Please see How a Session Works for details.


Creating Closure

If your pet has already passed, I can connect with them in a way that may help to complete any unfinished business - for you, and for them.


Sometimes an animal dies suddenly.


Other times you may not have been fully present and accepting of what was happening because it was just too painful.

An After-Life session gives you and your pet-angel a chance for closure and can help to put hearts and minds at ease.

Sessions generally run 2 hours. 

Please see How a Session Works for details.

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