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Creating Balance

adult gray Cockatiel bird

How does energy get “stuck?”


Our pets can be affected by overwhelming and stressful life experiences, past hurts, ailments, and emotional upheavals, just like we can. 


Every pet is different. Each has unique sensitivities. 


Even small things can have a lasting impact if an animal perceives them as a threat or upsetting in some way that isn’t resolved.


Our pets can wall off unresolved issues on an energetic level to seek protection.  Humans can do the same. 

But, energy wants to move.


And when it can’t, it acts out.


Sometimes stuck energy can show up as a health issue.  Other times it can be in the form of emotional outbursts, a bizarre quirk, a hurtful pattern, or even an inability to connect to those around them.

I believe that balanced pets are happy pets. 


Like humans, when your pet feels understood, supported, loved, and connected, life is good.


The Energy of Grace is an energy-based technique that I developed through years of working with special needs dogs.


It is designed to work on an energetic level to balance the needs of your pet.

Some animals need help communicating with their pet parents.  Others have complex challenges that can benefit significantly from releasing and rebalancing the places where energy may be stuck.

Cute mixed breed puppy and kitten
Cute Irish doodle puppy 8 months, isolat

Think of it this way -- where do you put something you don’t know what to do with -- especially if you don't know how to get rid of it?


It usually ends up in a closet, the garage, the attic or the basement, somewhere out of sight. 


But it’s still there, periodically occupying your thoughts.


It takes up space, collects dust, and isn’t useful to you or anyone else.  You’re not using it.  It isn’t generating income.  It’s stuck energy.


Imagine how your life would change if your closet, garage, attic or basement were empty?  If your energy was freed up, available and helping you to be your best self? 


Yes.  Pretty liberating.

On a very basic level, this is what the Energy of Grace is designed to do for your beloved pet.

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