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At first Bunny had a “cute” little head tilt.  When it got worse, the doctor thought could have been an ear infection. It took over a week to get the test results showing that he had a parasite that affects the kidneys and brain (nervous system), and, while not necessarily fatal, could leave him with a life-long head tilt and even complete paralysis.

Cute brown bunny looking at camera with head tilted

Bunny's head titled so much that he held it parallel to the ground and almost on it.  He couldn’t see where he was going.  He couldn’t eat easily or drink, couldn’t get into his litter box, and it affected his balance.  He would fall over frequently and then panic as he tried to get up.  He stopped doing everything he loved – going up and down stairs, racing around the rooms, jumping up on my bed....  When he walked at all, he stayed next to the wall so he could lean on it as he moved.  He started staying in just one small corner of his room.  The treatment was a 28-day supply of a medicine that has been found to be toxic to the bone marrow.   I was syringe feeding him his medicine, water, and a food supplement.  He was peeing and pooping less and less.  His symptoms were not improving, and he was getting weaker. 

After a couple of weeks, I contacted Beth, and she did a “long-distance energy balancing session” with him.  The thing that surprised me most was when she asked me if he had been around death because she was getting a strong sense about it.  As it turned out, 3 months before I had taken Bunny to the vet for a serious gastric problem.  While we were there, someone brought in their dog who was near death.  We could hear her crying, and they ended up euthanizing her pet.  It was traumatic for ME, but Beth said that “when an animal/person is already scared and disoriented he can pick up fear and death energy from others around him.”  Then she continued, “I cleared away as much [of that emotional stuff] as I could today.”  She didn’t expect any changes right away because, “This type of energy balancing works very deeply - on the ‘soul’ level, so the body is the last thing to feel the effects....  I pulled a lot of ‘energetic stress’ off of him, in hopes that it will lighten the load that he’s dealing with.”

She added, “Bunny’s confidence has taken a beating with all the physical and emotional confusion.  He needs to know that he is strong, his body has what it needs to heal, and that you believe in him.  Not just a picture of him as strong and normal but powered with the energy of ‘Of course you can do this!  I have great faith in you!’  It shifts the intent, lightens up the energy, and it is important...  Hold steady.  Remember, Bunny is the power here.”


I followed Beth’s recommendations and worked to create my own positive energy around him by letting him know how I believed in him.  In the next day or two saw a couple of promising signs but no “miraculous recovery”.

Brown bunny with head tilted, carrot and grass

About a week later, I checked on Bunny before I left for an appointment.  He wasn’t in his usual corner; he was sitting on the other side of the room.  When I returned a couple of hours later, he was walking around the room – something he hadn’t done in days!  From that point on, I saw improvement.  We finished up his medicine - still not knowing if it was affecting his bone marrow.  But I was hopeful that the medication was working, the parasite was disappearing, and the energy balancing would continue to support him.

Cute brown bunny looking at camera with straight head

It took a couple more months before Bunny stopped leaning on the wall to walk and was able to get into his litter box.  Most rabbits who recover from this parasite have at least a head tilt.  Not Bunny.  We knew he was really getting better when he went up and down the stairs.  But when he jumped up on my bed – I knew he was completely cured.  Today there is no sign that he was even sick.


Although I was initially skeptical, Beth helped me understand that balanced pets have an advantage when a crisis occurs.  The state of their energetic body, mind, and spirit is just as vital to their well-being as is our own.  

- Amy, with Bunny

Deep Dive Session

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) required language:  The testimonials on this page do not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using the Energy of Grace services.  While it isn't possible to guarantee any specific results, Beth Larsen's clients report having positive experiences. 

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