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Energy balancing

to nurture your pet's body, mind, and spirit.

Our dogs, our cats, horses, bunnies, lizards, birds . . . they are our teachers, our confidants, our companions, and sometimes our deepest loves.  


Each one is here for a reason.


Some pets are here to be companions.  Some are here to grow.  Others only want to be in service.  


Through their love, they find a way to connect us to grace.


So, how can we support these beings who give us so much?

We can nurture our pet's body, mind, and spirit with energy balancing.


Whether you need support with a challenging situation or want to know how you can help your pet live as a fully actualized being, the Energy of Grace can help.


Your pet relaxes at home, with you!

Since this is energy balancing, I do not need to work with your pet in person.  Instead, your bestie can relax and take in the work where they are most comfortable - at home, with you.

My Approach

I’ve been observing and communicating with the natural world for as long as I can remember.  I am a trained Shamanic Practitioner.  My work is rooted in the teachings of Shamanic energy medicine, coupled with animal communication, sound balancing, and plant energetics.

My Approach



"Beth is the real deal, a true energy worker and shaman. What does that mean? A shaman is someone who works on multiple levels of reality, the seen and the unseen, the mundane and the spiritual." more...

- Pat, with Kip

Deep Dive Session


“Although I was initially skeptical, Beth helped me understand that balanced pets have an advantage when a crisis occurs.  The state of their energetic body, mind, and spirit is just as vital to their well-being as is our own." more...

- Amy, with Bunny

Deep Dive Session

Lou -Mario_edited.jpg

"It never occurred to me that one could communicate with animals in the way that Beth does. The information gleaned from her session with Mario gave me valuable insight into him, and into myself." more...

- Lou, with Mario

Animal Communication Session


"I never knew why everything was SO much harder with Winter, emotionally and mentally. . . She was different, I never knew why.  And now I do! . . . Thank You Beth!" more...

- Jamie, with Winter

After-Life Session

Once and a While...Thoughts, News & Such

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