My Approach

I am a trained Shamanic Practitioner. 


My work is rooted in the teachings of Shamanic energy medicine, where the natural world can play an integral role in restoring balance, health, and well-being.  


Nothing demonstrates how to work together better than the complex systems of Mother Earth.  


I love working with people.  But I really love working with animals. 


Everything I’ve learned as a Shaman can be applied to pets. 


Through my experience, I've found that animals are very open and receptive to energy balancing methods.  I’ve been a Dog Shaman, a Shelter Shaman, a Bunny Shaman, a Squirrel Shaman . . . the work is endlessly fascinating.  

Coyote at sunrise in shallow water

Animal communication is another specialty of mine.  I’ve been talking with and observing animals and the natural world since I was a small child, recognizing them all as wonderous friends.


I also use sound balancing, crystals, and plant energetics.  They all have a purpose and gifts to share.


All of these modalities can be useful in a session, depending upon what I am called to do in the moment.  

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, I let my heart guide me.  


My life experiences have taught me that we’re all in this soup together. 


It doesn’t matter if we’re 2-legged or 4-legged, a tree or a bee. We’re all on Mother Earth.  And we’re all moving energy, sometimes gracefully, and other times with a lot of banging around.


More than anything, I’ve learned that messy and complicated lessons always uncover a gem that wants to be put to work.

I view the Energy of Grace as my gem.

- Beth Larsen

Juvenile Bald Eagle soaring in cloudy blue sky