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How a Session Works

All sessions have five parts:

  1. Phone consultation

  2. Energy session 

  3. Follow-up call 

  4. Anchoring suggestions/homework

  5. "I know you can do this...."

1. Phone Consultation

We start with a no-charge 15-minute consultation via phone or Zoom.  I'll ask for a brief overview of what is happening with your pet, and answer any basic questions that you might have.


At this time, we will determine what energy service would best fit your pet's needs:

  • Deep Dive

  • Animal Communication

  • Preparing for Wings 

  • After-Life

Brown rabbit on white background
2 Hamsters, a puppy and kitten

2. Energy Session

If we agree that the Energy of Grace sounds like a good fit, we'll schedule an appointment.  Again, since this is energy balancing, your pet does not have to be present during the session.

3. Follow-up Call

After the session, I will call you.  We will review what I discovered and cleared, along with my suggestions for anchoring/homework. 

4. Anchoring Suggestions/Homework 

You and your pet are a team.  What affects your companion, affects you, and vice versa.


With the Energy of Grace, the best results can occur when pet parents are willing to be part of the healing journey.  If you bring your A-game to the process, your pet will too.


Simple tweaks to a routine, awareness of triggering issues, mindful approaches to problems or needs — all of these can have a profound impact on your pet’s path to balance and joy.  


At the end of each session, I will work with you to create some common sense next steps.  These are intended to help anchor the work, while encouraging you both along a path of connection and grace. 

Central bearded dragon on wood isolated
Happy red parti colored havanese puppy

5. “I Know You Can Do This……”

Most importantly:  never underestimate a pet’s ability to learn and grow.  


This was demonstrated to me time and time again by my dog, Grace, who repeatedly rose to extraordinary challenges.


Supporting our pets with steadfast belief, unconditional encouragement, and thoughtful actions can bring about remarkable change. 


Doing so also adds a sense of wonder, awe, and respect to the unique relationship we share.

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